Anne’s Nightmare

Scene 4

What are you thoughts to Anne’s nightmare and the reactions that other characters have to it?

I didn’t find it very surprising that Anne had the nightmare. It is very common for people to have those dreams when they are scared of something. In this case Anne is very scared of being caught by the German soldiers. She is scared that they are going to take her and her family to the Concentration camps where they are left to die. I don’t think that Anne knows why she is having this dream. She probably hasn’t given much thought to what would happen if they were caught. However, after this nightmare she knows how much it means to be taken by the Germans. She knows her true feelings about how scared she would be. When she will take better care about how she behaves in the house and be better at keeping quiet during the day.

I think that her dream was supposed to have happened sooner or later. When people are scared the develop feelings that they forget about. These thoughts or images are kept in their mind and are sometimes expressed in their dreams. So Anne hasn’t thought that much about being caught. And therefore, these tiny thoughts have shown in her dream as a nightmare.

I think that with the situation that the families are in, it is obvious that Anne will have these feelings. The families are constantly scared of being caught that they can hardly bare it. Therefore they try their best not to show their feelings to each other. They keep their feelings to themselves in order not to scare all the others in the home. This is what Anne has done, but her quietness has resulted to a terrible nightmare.

I think that Anne is very surprised form this dream. She probably didn’t expect that being captured would be so terrible. Or she just hasn’t thought about it that much. I can see that even after they have woken Anne up she is still crying, shouting and frightened.

I was very surprised with the way the family acted towards Anne’s behaviour. They all had differant ways of expressing their feelings. Dussel was angry and tired of her constant whinning. Mr. Frank wasn’t very worried, he acted fine with the way she was acting. And Mrs. Frank was completely scared and didn’t understand why Anne was acting that way. Mrs. Frank even ended up crying which I thought was a bit dramatic.

At first I didn’t understand why Anne wanted to talk with her dad and not her mom. I think that generally mothers are easier to talk to as they have gone through all the experiences that you have. They also have good advice, and are easy to talk to. However, after thinking back about Anne’s mother I actually do understand why Anne would rather talk to her father. Mrs. Frank is a very mature lady. She doesn’t talk back, she does what she is told and she follows the rules. She isn’t wild or funny, rather silent and well-behaved. Therefore Anne is actually the complete opposite of her mother. Anne doesn’t care to speak her mind. She dares to do things her mother would never dream of. Anne is much more like her father. This is why she would rather talk to him. As they are both very alike. Anne would rather speak to someone who could give her advice and would she would feel comfortable around. This she doesn’t feel around her mother.

To Mrs. Frank it seems like Anne doesn’t like her. This is not Anne’s intention though. She just feels more comfortable around her father because he is more like her. Mrs. Frank thinks its because she doesn’t like her anymore. Anne’s behaviour is also what normal teenagers go through. They usually like their fathers more than they like their mothers.

I think that Dussel should have been more sensative. It sounded like he didn’t care at all about how Anne was feeling. He sounded like he was angry with the way she was acting during her sleep. However, I think it is quite understandable. Dussel isnt used to children. He doesnt know how they act at all. He even says so himself. Therefore when Anne begins crying he thinks shes being childish and thinks that Anne is being a baby.

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The First Things I Would Do

At the end of the scene, Anne describes the first thing each of the people would like to do after getting out of the hiding place. If you were free after many months of hiding, what would be the first thing you would like to do?

If I had been hiding for months, and months I would take advantage of the moment I was let out! The first thing I would do is just run, with all the power in my legs. I would just run as far as I could, without being stopped. I would really look at all the things around me. I would run until my legs couldn’t carry me any more. And until I was completely out of breath. I could definitely use the exercise! This would help me express my feelings, by just being myself. I would also get some alone-time.

I would definitely take long deep breaths all the time. I would smell and breath the fresh air outside. Inhale the new air that entered my lungs for the first time in a long time. I would really smell everything in my way. The flowers, grass, food and lakes and all the nature around me.

After this I would go for a swim in some kind of cold water. It would be a very long swim, until my skin got all shriveled up. I would finally be clean! I would wash away all the bad memories of the war and leave it all behind me. I would wash away the old me and welcome the new me, after the war.

Something I would constantly be doing is eating. Just eating all the time, not getting enough of it! I would eat until I could stuff anymore down. I would try all the kinds of food that I wasn’t able to eat during the war. Things like rich meat, ice cream, sweets and spicy foods. I wouldn’t care what anyone thought of me only that I needed the energy to live to the fullest.

I think I would constantly be laughing and having fun all the time. I would just let go of the past and start new. I would be singing, and making a lot of noise, and dancing constantly. This way I could express my feelings by being happy. This is the type of person that I usually am. I love having fun but, if I were in a room for 2 years straight I wouldn’t be able to express myself the way I usually do.

I think it would be best for me and my whole family if I got away from them. Since I would have spent about 2 year in the annex, with them only. Not being able to talk, see, or hear anyone else, but them. It would be best if I got away. I would really get the feeling the war would be over if I didn’t have to be around them all the time. I would just take a break, being with myself. I would hang out with my friends more. Also, this way when I got back from the “holiday” I would still like my family. I wouldn’t get tired of my family as easy if I didn’t take the time away form them.

Dr. Dussel, A Wring Decession?

I decided to answer one of the questions about the play version of Anne Frank.

Scene 3
Do you think that Mr. Frank is right in letting Dr. Dussel live with the two families? Explain your answer.

I don’t think that Mr. Frank should have let Dr. Dussel stay with the two families.
The space that the families are living in is already very cramped and tight. There isn’t enough room for one more person. Since there are only two bedrooms, Dussel has to share with Anne. This is probably not something Dussel or Anne would like. Since a fifty-year-old man and a thirteen-year-old girl are very different. Both in attitudes and in personalities.
I also think it is a bad idea because one more person adds more conflict in the group. The group of people living in the annex are already fighting enough. Adding one more person if just adding more complications.
Aready, the family has noticed that there isn’t enough food for them all. They are having to cut down on a lot. The food that they are eating probably isn’t very healthy either. Maybe rotten, or not containing enough nutrients. This is a very big problem, especially for Anne, Margot and Peter. As they are children still having to grow. I think if Dr. Dussel were to come there would be even less food for everyone. Especially since he is a grown man, who is used to having a lot of food being served to him.
Also, the families don’t know Dussel. He is a complete stranger to them. he could be rude, greedy and disrespectful. This would definitely not go well with the families fighting problems already.
The families also run a bigger risk of being caught by the Germans. Having one more person means that they have to be extra careful about the noise during the day. Dr. Dussel doesn’t know any of the rules that they have to follow during the day. He will have to be taught them. And since he isn’t used to doing so he might break the rules a couple of times.
After reading a little further I noticed that Dr. Dussel doesn’t like kids either. He says that he doesn’t go along with kids that well. This is a problem as Anne is very energetic and “childish” sometimes.


Sailing on a Ship – With A Terrible Memory


Sailing sunset by Voirella.
The breeze brushed against my cold skin as I sat there. Looking. Looking at the magnificant sky’s colors that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. The sky was completely filled with pink and purple. All dancing and beaming from the sun. The sun. The sun that had caused this horrible day to begin.

I closed my eyes and turned my head at the same time. Something I liked to do, and did a lot. It was the feeling of seeing one image, one minute and seeing another image, the next. The first image I saw was the waves clashing against the ship. Banging as if they were trying to push the ship away. Away from its territory. The next image was the sun. With its orange, red and pink colors all glowing from a distance. It was a sight I knew I would remember for a long time.

I liked it here. It was so peaceful, quiet and cozy. Not like it had been at home today. Definitely not. No! No, I couldn’t start thinking about that now. Not yet. But the thoughts kept repeating themselves in my mind. They kept saying the same things, over and over. I decided to to maybe just quickly think back. Not in much detail. And if I started getting scared or even a bit upset I should stop, immediately.

The first thought, or memory, that appeared was from that morning. Mom had been acting all weird around me. Giving me hugs and kisses. Hugging me for no specific reason. Giving me that look. The look I couldn’t stand, and that she knew I couldn’t stand. The pity look. One that she gave me when she felt guilty about something that would affect me.
It all made sense now, but it didn’t back then. I had been wondering why Mom had been sending me those worried looks.

I stopped. I could feel my breath getting faster and faster. I could mostly tell because every time I breathed a cloud of hot air came out of my mouth. The cloud that usually happened when it was cold outside. My thoughts began to wonder again.

The next memory was when my Mom and Dad had sat my sister and me down at the dinner table. Back then I had managed to get through the whole day without asking my Mom why she had been sending my pity looks. I knew that if I asked she would just have done as she always did. I smiled at the thought. It amused me the look my mother made when she was either lying or making something up. The first thing she would do it take a deep breath while squeezing her eyes together. Then she wouldbreath out and open her eyes widely, completely open. Then she would make a what looked like a fish mouth/kissy mouth. And finally she would start telling her fake-story. It was helpful for my family to know this. Since we could always tell whether she was lying or not. At the dinner table she was not lying.

I started imagining what it would have looked like when my mom and dad were telling me and my, well used to be sister, the news. The image popped into my head, and I started focusing on my own facial expressions. At first, confusion. Second, scared. And finally, anger. I could see the tears run down my face in the memory. It was devastating.

I stopped again. I could feel the whole inside of my body getting ice cold. It felt like everything had been turned upside down and then back to normal again. The goose-bumps started appearing on my back. And my eyes watering up. I brushed my tears away. I couldn’t blame all this on myself. It wasn’t my fault, it was my parents. My parents who I had trusted and had cared for in all those many years. Yes, it was their fault.

I looked out at the view again. The sun was gone. Now it was only the sky that was pink and purple. The colors had turned darker, now that the sun was gone. I looked down the the ship that was lite up by millions of lights. Both from ones hanging out side the boat, and ones from the windows.

I lay down on the deck. My feet were getting sore from dangling of the side of the ship. They were also cold. Just like my face. I tried to remember how I had managed to get on this boat. I couldn’t. It was all a blurr. Everything had been a blurr. From the moment my terrible parents had told me, to the moment I had sat down on the ship thinking.

One thing I was sure of, I wasn’t going back to my parents. That was sure. How could I? After what they have done to me?! No, I wasn’t going to go back. Never. I didn’t give it more thought. I didn’t want to think about what was going to happen next. I just didn’t want to, right now. 

The wind blew once again. blowing my hair out of my face to behind my neck. I looked at the image that stood right in front of me. The waves had cooled down and were calm. Still. I closed my eyes and turned my head. The sun was gone. The colors had all turned form pink to black.


This image Sailing sunset was found using the website Taken by Viorella.

How important is Merry-Making?

                                                                                                                        Now that you’ve finished reading the entire text of Twelfth Night, have viewed several performances (including film, stage, and those of your classmates), and contributed to your own performance within this silly play, it’s time to look back and consider where you’ve been.

1. How important is merry-making in society?  This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?
I think it is quite important for merry-making in a society! Other wise how could you ever have fun? I think that especially when you are a kid merry-making is a very important part of your life. Being free, happy and just being silly is what a child’s life is mostly all about. Grown ups don’t have as much merry-making while working, but probably more when they are with their friends. I think it is important when you are with your friends. Those are the people you can just be yourself around and who you feel most comfortable with. This is probably when most people ‘merry-make’. Also when people laugh it makes you feel happy.  🙂
If people in the world didn’t merry-make? How boring, dull and unexciting world we would have to live in! Not being able to have fun. Not being able to fool around. And not being able to laugh with your friends and making them happy. People would have to be serious all the time. And of coarse having to be serious would make you turn out to be very stressed and in constant bad mood. However if you where merry-making you are just being yourself and having fun at the same time.
Of course there is a limit to how much merry-making people can do. Its okay not to be serious all the time, but its also okay not to. If you were fun all the time, there would eventually come a day where it wouldn’t anymore. However, once in a while wont do ANY harm!

2. What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before? Perhaps you now know a couple of lines of Shakespeare. Or maybe you’ve learned how to better speak in front of an audience. Or perhaps you now know how to work better in a group. Or you know that having fun really is the most important part of creating a play. Or you’ve learned that creativity requires long periods of time in order to “get into it.”  Whatever it is — please tell your readers what you’ve learned in our unit.

I learnt quite a bit from this units Twelfth Night. I learnt a lot of lines from Shakespeare’s play. And how to add movement to the lines as well. I also learnt how to put ‘Shakespeare-times language’ into ‘modern language’. I also learnt how important merry-making is. And how it was used in the olden day and nowadays.


My Own Twelfth Night Production

1. If you were commissioned to design and direct a production of Twelfth Night, where would you set it? What would your Illyria look like? What would be your take on each character? What costumes, music, and special effects would you want?

 I think that if I was in charge of making a production of Twelfth Night I would set it as if it were on a small deserted island that no one knew of. Most of the island would be covered as a jungle with lots of plants, and filled with green. Of course there would be a sea coast. The water would be bright blue and the sand white. There would be a castle built with grey bricks on the east of the island and another one on the west of the island. The island should look very magical and mysterious but at the same time welcoming and friendly.

I think that I would have Sir Toby to be a very fat and stubby man, who always wore cloths to small to fit him. Sir Andrew should be a very old-fashioned guy and quite skinny and tall. Both of them would wear dull colors like black, brown and white. Feste would be very make-believe wearing loads of colors and joker-ish costumes. Viola would be very modern and hi-pp. She should be thin and look at bit like a man. When acting as Cesario she should look kind of gangster to ake the play funny. Orsino should be a very fat and small. He should be quite ugly and with long white curly hair. It should be obvious why his looks are what is making Olivia not like him!


2. How would you get each character off the stage in 5.1? Think about where they are going and how they feel. Do they stop and shake hands with other characters? Do they slink off or run off? This will be the last time the audience sees them. What impressions do you want to leave?

I think that for the audience to see the last of how Malvolio is he should storm of stiff and with perfect posture. He should have an annoyed yet suspicious look on his face while exiting. I think that then Orsino should then put his hand over Violas shoulder, while Sebastian do the same to Olivia. Everyone should be laughing and having a good time while walking back to Olivia’s palace. The laughing should be carried out even after the characters have left the stage. But this should only last about 10 seconds. Mean while Feste has gone to get a stool he can sit on. Once the other characters have left the stage Feste sits down. He should then start singing and when he is done he should get of the stage walking into the audience and away.




The Desire of The Ring

It was August 13, 1993. The weather was cold and foggy which was usual when it was 7 degrees in Cairo, Egypt. It was the exact night when two enemies met.

He was just sitting there, thinking. Thinking of his life, his past, things that had changed him. Somehow drinking a beer in a small lonely bar in Egypt, with no one around, made him think of this.

It was at this point a man stepped into the bar. You could tell, by the way he dressed, it was cold outside. He walked over to the bar, and sat down next to the man drinking his beer, silently.
“So we meet again, Sola” said the man who had just stepped in. There was silence for 2 minutes.
“Guy,” he looked up “its been 20 years, and yet I have the ring” Sola grinned a small evil grin. He was pleased to be the one who had the ring however, what he mostly grinned about was Guy. It was Guy who always spoke to people was if he were in a play, and had rehearsed his lines one hundred times.

“Why are you grinning, Sola? Are you proud? You’re proud of something you stole..??” Guy was raising his voice one word at a time. He stood up with a dash which knocked down his stool. He was starring at Sola his eyes fully open, like two round white circles. He paused. Sola interrupted the silence.
“I didn’t steal it, you know that!” he lowered his voice and looked him deeply in the eyes. “Arora has always loved me! I loved her, and treated her with respect. You were only acting like that for her money!!”

Guy stopped, as soon as he heard money, he screamed.
“SILENCE!” People started to look at the two men. “Is that the only excuse you can think of? What makes you think I don’t love her?! Is that really why you took the ring?” Guy laughed a fake laugh; which he stopped with as soon as he heard what it actually sounded like.
“Guy will you just leave me alone?” Sola was still looking down as if he were guilty of something. “I’m tired of you stealing MY ring, and MY woman!”
“YOUR WOMAN?!! YOUR RING!?!” Guy was practically screaming at Sola. His face turned to an angry red, his veins started popping out and sweat ran down his face. He continued.
“How DARE you tell me, Arora is yours?” He breathed heavily. While Sola looked at him as if Guy had just shot him. Guy picked up his stool and sat down again while he tried to cool down.
“I loved Arora, and her precious, precious money!” It was hard to be angry when he was tired, however he managed.

“You’ll never give up will you, Guy? Well, I guess I can tell you now, I want nothing to do with you.”
“Ha! Of coarse you don’t” Guys facial expression changed completely, and then went back to the hatred red.
“You want nothing to do with me because you are scared of me. Am I correct? Well…am I? Sola!”
Sola quickly turned his face towards Guy. You could tell he was angry, especially from his eyes. They were bright red and stool out from his dark brown skin.
“Very well then Guy, as you can tell we are not going to settle this by talking. Would you care to step outside with me?” Sola grinned which showed his white teeth. People slowly returned to their beers.
“I wouldn’t hesitate for one second” Guy answered confidently.

From inside the bar you heard 7 gunshots. People had ducked for cover, however no one got hurt. Everything was exactly the same except now, 2 bodies were lying outside the bar, dead. However, it was now 9 degrees.

Being A Malvolio, Just For A Joke

Have you ever played a practical joke on someone, or been the victim of a practical joke? Write about your experience, making parallels between what happened to you and what’s happening to Malvolio.

A few years ago when I was in sixth grade my friends played a practical joke on me! All three of us loved to just laugh and have fun. Which we did everyday at school and at each others houses. Well, one day my friend thought it would be funny if she told me something that wasn’t true. With my other friend encouraging her they both went up and told me. Her made up story was that there would be a spirit day the next day and that everyone was going to dress up in animal costumes, and come to school in them! At first I didn’t believe them, but when I got home I decided to do it since I didn’t want to be the only one not being dressed up. So, I dressed up as a dog with make-up and everything, and went to school. My sister kept saying that there was no animal day on the calender, but my answer was just that it was a middle-school thing! Of course when I got a school and saw that no one had dressed up I panicked! Who wouldn’t? Everyone stared and the worst part was that when I got to school I didn’t even have time to change because the bell rang. So I had to survive sitting in a classroom in a dog costume for 2 hours with people laughing and starring at me with the exact same facial expression. “Why on earth are you dressed in a dog costume?!”

I was friendly-mad at my friends for two days straight but, I forgave them as soon as they promised to come dressed as something embarrassing to school the next day! hehe! 🙂

Make a list of all the epithets that are used for characters in 2.5 (e.g. “rascally sheep-biter,” “overweening rogue”).

– “rascally sheep-biter”
– “overweening rogue”
– “little villain”
– “metal of India”
– “a rare turkey-cock”
– “foolish knight”
– “excellent wench”
– “noble gull-catcher”
– “bond slave”
– “excellent devil of wit!”


Elephant Riding In Laos!

During the Tet holiday, our trip went to Laos! We had decided to drive which I personally think was a mistake! Well, my parents didn’t know how long the trip would actually take, but had heard that it was good roads so they assumed that it wouldn’t take that long…
In total it took 51 hours (to get there and back!!!) which means about 12 hours of driving over 4 days to get there and back. Very very harsh! We managed and we got out of the car a few times to stretch our legs once in a while. But it was hard being with the same people 12 hours straight without being alone sometimes. Finally after hours, and hours of driving we get to Luang Prabang (Laos). It was a really nice place, and different from Hanoi. Very quiet and peaceful.

One day my parents had organised an all-day trip that started with 10 minute drive to an elephant riding park! I was very excited because it had been about 5 years since I had last been on an elephant in Zimbabwe. I remember it being very fun sitting on a bare back while it walked steadily along a path.
When we got to the park, where we at once saw the elephants standing in a neat row gobbling up the humongous chunks of leaves and grass. Picking them up with their truck and pushed it into their mouths.

I wasnt sure how safe it was when I first saw what me, my sister and my mom would be sitting on. A tiny bench strapped to the elephants back, tummy, and tail. I was sent on first, with my legs shaking and my heart beating like mad, and my mind about to burst with hope that the elephant wouldn’t move while I was getting on its back bench. Luckily, it didn’t! Which made me feel better. Our elephant started walking…

The elephant we were on turned out to be the leader of all the other elephants behind us. Which ment we had to be in front and make sure everything was safe for the other elephants to ride on. Of course we weren’t alone on the elephant, there was also a man sitting on its neck and telling it where to go and where not to go. I clearly remember the words “BAI!” from the man who kept yelling it to the elephant. He probably said it every five seconds which became annoying about the first 4 four minutes of being on the elephant!

One of the things I’ll never forget on the trip was when the elephant had to go down a hill or an edge. It went so slowly! And me, my mom, and sister were practicaly hanging over the edge because of the steepness. I had tried to get the words “You’re going to fall!” out of my head, ever after we had passed the hill.

Sadly the ride came to an end, but I definatly will never forget it!

Love: Men vs. Women

Ahh, February – the month of Valentine’s Day! <3

Think again about the views of love you met in 2.4.

1. Do you think there’s a difference in the way men love and the way women love? Explain.
Yes and No. I think it all depends on the way the person is and their personality. Everybody expects women to be way more in love than men are. Sometimes it’s just because women are not as afraid to show the way they feel about people, as men are. But, again it all depends on the type of person they are. Maybe some men are very open about their feelings or maybe there is a women who doesn’t like to speak about who she is in love with.

2. Do either Viola or Orsino express views similar to your own? Or do you have a position on this question different from both of these characters?
I think Orsino and Violas ways of expressing love is different. They do different things to show how they feel about people. Orsino likes to make comparisons between things. Like he compares love to age, and flowers.
“For women are as flowers, whos fair flower” (2.4.36) Orsino says women are like flowers. Which is true in some cases. It all depends on the type of women he compares them to. He says Olivia is like a flower because of her beauty.

Orsino says “Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm” (2.4.35) which i think is true.  When it comes to love, men don’t express their feelings the same way women do, they don’t show it as much in some cases.

Orsino also says “More longing, wavering, sooner lost and worn, Than women’s are” (2.4.36)  which I also sometimes agree with that men become bored more easily. And take less time to get over someone. And sometimes they can feel lost and worn. But women also feel the same feelings as men. And therefore it is not entirely correct what he is saying.

3. Find a line in this scene that you like or that strikes you in some way and comment on it.
I like the line:
“There’s for thy pains.” (2.4.65) I like this because I think it sounds wrong. I think ‘pains’ is the wrong word to use, for this sentence. It should be “There’s for thy singing” or “There’s for thy entertaining me”. I just think that it should be a more positive sentence and not make it negative. Pains shouldn’t be used in this case, because of the way it sounds.